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How to Increase Your Clairvoyant Ability

Do we all have Clairvoyant Ability?

Many people believe we were all born with psychic or clairvoyant abilities. However as we grow in the world we start to follow the mainstream way of thinking and overlook our potential for clairvoyant or psychic powers.

What is a Clairvoyant Ability?

A clairvoyant ability is seen as a spiritual gift and there are ways we can all develop these powers and unlock our own potential. Exercises to Boost Clairvoyant Abilities:

Try these exercises to uncover your hidden clairvoyant ability.

1. The first one is an obvious one that we have all done and no doubt shown some success at.
When the phone rings next time try and visualise who is calling before you answer. Try this regularly and see if your success rate improves. Could you be exploring your clairvoyant ability?

2. This one you can try with a friends help. Try to predict what the number of the dice will be before they roll it. Perhaps start by just trying to predict odd or even. This can help you develop intuition.

3. To further develop your intuition and precognition try to predict events and scores at your favourite sporting event or when watching a game on TV. Start by predicting the winner and as you gain confidence move on to predicting the score or other match statistics.

4. Next time you are in a queue at say the bank try to predict which window you will get called to. With practice you should be able to improve this prediction.

5. To develop remote viewing clairvoyant abilities try to imagine before a business or social meeting what the other person will be wearing. Start with concentrating on colour and as you practice move on to greater details. Write down your thoughts before the meeting so that you are sure to be honest with yourself.

6. When you are standing at the bar waiting to be served try to predict what drinks the person ahead of you will order. This can heighten your intuition skills.

7. Next time you are in the lift or elevator play a game at guessing which number button each new person who enters will press. This can help you develop precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy.

8. Another easy way to practice is with a friend and a pack of playing cards. Get your friend to turn over one card at a time and you just start by predicting red or black. If you can get your success rate up to 75% then expand your skills to predict the actual suit of the next card.

Clairvoyant ability can be developed with practice and patience. Try not to force the issue but incorporate these and other little exercises into your everyday life to learn to broaden your thoughts, develop your intuition and allow your natural clairvoyance to develop.

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By Ron Pusey


  1. Awesome tips on how to develop clairvoyant abilities. I've always been skeptical about all this, but there are times when I followed my intuition and what I believed will happen DID happen. SO I'm convinced that we all have psychic/clairvoyant abilities to some extent. Great post.

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